I’ve been designing & developing for the web since 1999, freelance since 2004.

  • Search–engine optimised, responsive, accessible website design & development
  • Bespoke WordPress sites including custom themes and plugins
  • Cross–platform, HTML email design
  • Digital skills training & support
  • Advocate for clear & accessible code, design & writing

I can help with short-term website / WordPress projects such as adding features, fixing performance issues, optimisation, redesigns, migrations and debugging, as well as creating custom themes & plugins


  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    Experienced problem-solver using the fundamental tools of the web
  • WordPress
    Adding features, optimising performance, migrations and debugging, as well as custom themes & plugins


  • Custom web layouts, responsive themes, module-based designs
  • Flexible & innovative graphic design for print
  • Excellent writing & editorial skills


  • Code Club
    I ran an after-school coding club for 7 to 11 year olds from 2015 to 2018
  • IT training & support
    I have instructed young adults on web design for Code First Girls. I have trained & supported adults in digital tools such as MailChimp & Slack


  • Slack admin
    Admin for workspace of 40 members
  • MailChimp admin
    Admin & content creator for mailing list of 250 subscribers
  • Blog admin
    Site admin & content creator on personal blogs including shacklewell.club, onlondon.net, eggsbypost.net
  • WordPress contributor
    Regular contributor to the open source WordPress project, currently focusing on Core CSS


  • A tenacious problem-solver & lifelong learner
  • A clear communicator
  • Father of two – main caregiver since 2004
  • Accomplished runner since 2013 – I’ve completed a marathon in under 3.5hrs
  • Guitar, bass & keyboard player
  • Whippet owner since 2018