Learn Linux with this one weird tip

The first HTML I wrote was on the creamy-white PowerMac 5000s at Brighton University in the late ‘90s, but since then, until recently, I’ve only ever used Windows. It’s made a lot of sense for me to transition from Windows to Linux as my primary operating system over the last year and a half.

There are some amazing development tools out there like node & Grunt which are a breeze to install on Mac & Linux, but where Windows support seems marginal to say the least. To quote one tutorial:

…if you use Windows, my apologies but you’re on your own

Switching has at times been pretty tedious, but last week as I SSH’d into a server, grepped an errant line of code and edited the file in Vim I realised that it’s finally paying off. Maybe I’ll even get to grips with the old imposter phenomenon.

So what’s the one weird tip that I came here for?

Make notes, and plenty of ’em. Oh and start an A-Z card index for any useful commands you want to use more than once.

Yes you got a second weird tip for free, you’re welcome.